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by Ana Ribeiro aka Arte e Luar

My day always starts around 8.30 - 9.00 am, with a few minutes of reading. Some might say that I'm crazy, but I don't feel like I had a good start of the day, if didn't at least read for about 30 min.
When I worked at an office, I always woke up 30 minutes sooner than I needed, just so I could sneak a few minutes to read first thing in the morning.
Because of that, one of the best things that I have ever done was buying an eBook reader. You see, I have run out of space in my bookshelves and I can't seem to be able to give away any of my books, I read them several times and keep coming back to them.

Than, of course, I have a proper breakfast.
Something that I had to get used to, but something that I can't leave home or go to work without.
Not always this one. This was special, I don't usually have cake at breakfast. I promise! ;)

Special Breakfast - Arte e Luar
Special Breakfast
And then, my work day begins. It is now about 10 or 10.30 am and I turn on my computer to check my email. I see if I have any emails from costumers or if any orders have arrived during the night. It's my first task, answering costumers and sending a message thanking for new orders.
Then I will go to the team forums. You see, I'm captain of PTteam and I always check to see if all is running well, if any members need answers or if any task of the team schedule needs to be taken care of.
By this time its around 11 and I start working on any orders I may have or any new ideas I'm developing.
It may be a tedious task like folding paper to make signatures for my books (some find it relaxing, but I don't :)), it may be sewing the books, it may be designing a new planner or working on a very special order.

Special Order "The Pippi Longstocking" Planner Work In Progress by Arte e Luar Bookbinding
Special Order "The Pippi Longstockings Planner" Work In Progress by Arte e Luar Bookbinding
This takes place until I have to go and make my lunch. Oh, how I like to have my mom here in the winter time! :)

Then it's back to work.

Special Order "The Pippi Longstocking" Planner by Arte e Luar Bookbinding
Special Order "The Pippi Longstockings Planner" by Arte e Luar Bookbinding
Any orders that need shipping are usually shipped on the afternoon. I love to wrap them just like a present and always include a hand written thank you note. Being an Etsy seller has made me realize how important packaging is. I never forgot an order I got many years ago for a pair of earrings that made me laugh so much with the little touches it included. Thank you for the fake money and miscellaneous good luck charms. :)

Gift Wrap by Arte e Luar Bookbinding
Gift Wrap by Arte e Luar Bookbinding
If I have any inquires to reply, I always do so as soon as possible.

It's the end of the day, but I'm not done working. I go back online to work on any posts I am responsible for on the teams blog, I check the team forum again and do all the pending organization work for the team.
Ending that, I get back to whatever work I left in the middle to go make my dinner.

Various fabrics for a new collection by Arte e Luar Bookbinding
Various fabrics for a new collection
Its now about 11.00 pm, time to watch some TV or to read trying to relax. OK, I'm not being exactly truthful here, usually this time comes much later. :)

Then is up to bed and dream of new ideas!

Text and photos by Ana Ribeiro aka Arte e Luar.


  1. Wow Ana, I love the Pippi Longstockings planner. Amazing embroidery details. You work so hard. Congratulations and thank you for sharing a day of your life with us. It's been lovely knowing more about you! Hugs!

    1. Thank you Teo. :)
      The Pippi Longstockings planner was a challenge. Doing so many details in a book so small was not easy, but I like challenges. I think I grow with them. They take me further in my craft than I would go by myself. They let me think on solutions and new ways of doing things, using skills from other crafts.
      Hugs Teo!

  2. Gostei imenso do artigo! Ok, em inglês...

    Loved it! It's always very interesting to know a little bit more about the team captain (:

  3. Great article!
    I always love to know more about other creatives routines and working methods. Hummm... and nice special breakfast ;)

    1. thanks Ana. I would invite you to breakfast, but your too far away! ;)

  4. Hi! Lovely text and photos! I enjoyed very much reading about your day!

    1. Thanks Rute. :)
      Nothing exciting, just a usual day. ;)

  5. Thank U Ana for this lovely article!
    What a wonderful day, doing what U love :)
    I want that breakfast too!!!
    XO, Ana




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