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by Mundo Flo

I have lots of favorite shops in Etsy, and many of them belong to portuguese artists from Ptteam! Here are just a few.

I love Ana Raimundo's illustrations, they're expressive and funny at the same time, I love the patterns she uses and the black and white characters, like this “The girl who knitted love”.

the girl who knitted love- handmade journal by Fric de Mentol

Ana Pina

Ana is a talented lady who's doing an amazing job mixing jewelry and illustration. We have many things in common, so we find each other swapping ideas and thoughts about this creative path we both follow, and that's the spirit of a team!

Landscape ring - enamel adjustable ring by Ana Pina
Daniel's illustrations are so poetic and melancholic! I have one of his drawings in my studio's inspiration wall :)

Original Painting serie "Fragments" by Daniel Moreira

I love notebooks and sketchbooks and everything ended in “books”! And I love great patterns and botanic illustrations. Mix them all and you'll have Arminho :)

SEAWEEDS notebooks by Arminho
And because I love knitting and yarns, and chunky cosy knitted accessories, Andreia's shop is one of my favorites in this category, for the beautiful colours, well edited shop and irresistible scarves.

Terracotta Scarflette by Tricotaria
Outside Ptteam, japanese Homako is one of my favorite shops. It belongs to Yoko, whose endless creativity I admire. I love the colors and the way she manipulates and mixes different materials to create great and funny jewelry pieces.

Kuru Maru Felt Ball Necklace by Homako
Katarina, from Slovakia, is one of my favorite photographers. I love the mood in her photos, dreamy and delicate at the same time.
Fragile - Fine art photograph by Grain and Silk

All photos credits are of the artists.


  1. Oh, I can see here some of my favorites too!
    So nice to be featured, thank you :)




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