Roaming through... Sintra

If there's a special and unique place in the world, that place must be the villa of Sintra!

Sintra by Mundo Flo

Shrouded in mist and mysticism, where in each corner there's a palace, a fountain or a museum, and everywhere there are trees and legends, there's no doubt that Sintra is romantic, poetic and incredibly rich, and leaves no one indifferent to its beauty!

Sintra by Mundo Flo

Considered by UNESCO World Heritage and Cultural Landscape, Sintra reminds kings and fairy tales.

Sintra by Mundo Flo

You will need several days to be delighted with the most important places, or you might leave some of them undiscovered, so you'll have an excuse to come back over and over again...

Full of History and architectural details, Monserrate Palace, Quinta da Regaleira, or Pena Palace are important monuments of Romantic Era surrounded by beautiful botanical gardens, full of endemic and exotic species.

Monserrate Palace and garden

Monserrate Palace and garden - Sintra by Mundo Flo

Monserrate Palace and garden - Sintra by Mundo Flo

Quinta da Regaleira

Quinta da Regaleira - Sintra by Mundo Flo

Pena Palace Garden

Pena Palace Garden - Sintra by Mundo Flo

Don't forget to hike up to the castle, Castelo dos Mouros, and simply wander through the streets, dreaming of the beautiful houses and chalets.

And if you feel tired and hungry, there are great tea rooms, nice restaurants, and, of course, regional sweets you don't want to miss: "travesseiros" and "queijadas" are delicious!

Sintra by Mundo Flo

On your way back, take the road to Cabo da Roca, and go North along the seaside, exploring the beaches Adraga, Azenhas do Mar or Magoito. You won't regret!

Adraga Beach

Adraga Beach - Sintra by Mundo Flo

Azenhas do Mar

Azenhas do Mar - Sintra by Mundo Flo

Magoito Beach

Magoito Beach - Sintra by Mundo Flo

Text and photos by Mundo Flo


  1. Stunning places and photos :)
    I've been to Sintra in the past and fell in love, of course... but there's still so much to see! Must come back ;)

  2. I hope to one day have the opportunity to visit!




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