Deliciousness - Summer picnic

by Mundo Flo

Summer Picnic by Mundo Flo

It's Summer time, and one of the things I like most, when I think about Summer food, is picnics outdoors. A few weeks ago, we made a picnic at the beach, to celebrate my mom's birthday.

Summer Picnic by Mundo Flo

Summer Picnic by Mundo Flo

We took a picnic basket, some cushions and a blanket, and prepared some easy, seasonal and delicious foods.

Summer Picnic by Mundo Flo

We made:
- Melon and ham rolls
- Goat cheese, cherry tomatoes, olives and basil kebabs
- Chicken and crawfish paste sandwiches
- Scones with chocolate chips
- Cherries

Summer Picnic by Mundo Flo

- Pink lemonade (lemon and strawberries)
- Watermelon juice

Summer Picnic by Mundo Flo

Then we ate and listened to the sea until it got dark. Simple and amazing!
Enjoy your Summer!

Text and photos by Mundo Flo


  1. Lovely!
    Gorgeous basket and wood box, yummy food, and the sea, oh the sea... I'll put a picnic like this on my to-do summer list :D

  2. Lindo!Lindo! isto sem falar no aspecto super apetitoso.
    Adoro piqueniques, mesmo o mais simples para mim tem sempre um ar de romântico.




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