PTteam Meetings - Getting to know each other

Hello everyone!

Today we bring you a recent event, or more accurately events.
Our first team meetings!

Our team is fairly recent one, when comparing with other street teams from Etsy, but we have been steadily growing and found the need to meet face-to-face. These meetings are being organized in several cities, because we are from all over the country and all over the world.

The first meeting took place in Lisbon, on October 6, at the Gulbenkian Gardens and as befitting the place we made it a picnic.

1st PTteam meeting in Lisbon - The picnic

Although we were a small group, it was a great meeting.
It was an opportunity to share, to ask questions, to get doubts answered and of new ideas growing.
We had fun and made plans to have many more meetings.

1st PTteam meeting in Lisbon
Here we are all, from left to right: mosgos, Miniatures Forever, Arte e Luar Bookbinding, Fulana Beltrana Sicrana, TANGRAMartworks, agulha não pica, Peanutoak Print, SofiAlgarvia and ilustrana
Then last Saturday we had another meeting, this time in Porto at CRU and as the last one we found it very useful to share and get to know each other.
1st PTteam meeting in Porto
Here's our "Usual Suspects" lineup picture. From left to right: izzie tale, Aurea Praga, sufragista, tenderblue, Ana Pina, Arte e Luar Bookbinding and Daniel Moreira.
Yes, I was in booth meetings, it was a surprise appearance in the Porto meeting!

What do you say about organizing a meeting in your own town?
Just say the word and we will get the ball rolling. :)


  1. Espero poder estar no próximo!

  2. Wonderful initiative to bring team members closer together. Looks like you had a lot of fun. Next time for sure I will be there! :)

  3. great time! I am looking forward for the next one to happen! and I want to meet Porto etsians as well (:




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