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by Ana e João aka Space Rocket Store


The excellence of illustration and design to create exquisite quality utilities that refer to a distant time and imaginary time of our grandparents. For all who love and need to always have where to write, draw, display... or simply contemplate !

Seaweeds canvas poster by ARMINHO
Seaweeds canvas poster by ARMINHO

Dona Maria

The recovery of an old technique (spinning) at the hands of the dear Rosário, that produces with them the most beautiful and delicate yarn, in unique colors and absolutely delicious color combinations! Perfection!! We feel like starting to knit right away!!

Blue faced leicester, natural by Dona Maria
Blue faced leicester, natural by Dona Maria

André Rocha Illustration

The magic and beauty of urban landscapes that he creates, rebuilds and illustrates. Authentic works of art!

The Big City by andré rocha illustration
The Big City by andré rocha illustration

Fric de Mentol

The tradition of embroidery, combined with the modernity and uniqueness of the illustrations of Ana Raimundo. The nature of the characters and shapes she creates. The use of various techniques, such as Gocco Print, to create objects that are authentic treasures.

The Climber V by Fric de Mentol
The Climber V by Fric de Mentol


To be able to use contemporary pieces with a marked traditional style, hand made with natural materials like wool and leather, a traditional element: Pieces that stand out and contribute to a highly individual look. And ... and of course, the beauty of the photographs!!

Hand Knitted Beanie Hat and Mittens by Mosgos
Hand Knitted Beanie Hat and Mittens by Mosgos

All photos credits are of the artists.


  1. A bouquet of treasures! and I'm honored to be part of it! Happy week PTteam* :)

  2. happy happy to be part of it! lots of thanksies for including my work!




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