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I’m not going to write about something really extraordinary that happened to me on a particular day in my life, I could have done that, because everyone has something special or an unusual happening to tell, but instead, I’m going to share with you a typical day of a mom of four little children, that one day started to follow her dream.

Dreams Print by Vapor Qualquer
Dreams Print by Vapor Qualquer
I usually wake up in a good mood, despite the sleepless night that I might have had. The first half an hour is spent preparing breakfast for 6, we all have breakfast at home, sitting around the table, which I think is a good routine and a smooth way to begin the day. By then, it’s time to dress the children and drive them to school. The way to school is so beautiful, having the sea nearby, that I’m very grateful for that everyday. And the thing I've learned so well lately, is that no matter the problems or difficulties we might have, there’s always something to be grateful for.

A cup of coffee is needed by now. If there is a piece of chocolate, it’s much better. :)

I drink the coffee slowly while I check the email, answer some questions and check if there is some order to ship. Some days, I spend about an hour in the morning on the computer, others only a couple of minutes and then I go to the sewing machine and work for my brands.

My productive working time, for my shops, has about 4 hours a day, if I’m lucky, because despite being at home now (though it has not always been like this), it's me that cleans the house, prepares the meals, goes to the grocery, does the ironing and all that always having around my forth little girl, who is now two years old. She and her older brothers and sister and also my husband are really my ‘co-workers’. We share the same working space: I have my corner with my stash and they have their corner with their toys and while I’m sewing or knitting they are playing, in the weekends or when they come back from school.

Many people, my friends and family, knowing the rhythm of a family like this, ask how I manage to do everything. Well, like everyone else, I’m not a super woman, or a super mom, or super anything. If there is discipline and willingness to achieve the goals that I’ve set, and there is, they do not only exist but they are essential for someone who runs a small business from home. Despite that, it helps a lot to have set the goals we want to achieve, in a realistic way, then identify the tasks we must do to achieve those goals, on a daily basis. This way, it is more difficult to be lost within the things around. And the third thing I try to do regarding my small business is to not procrastinate, specially the tasks I don’t like to do. 

What about the evening, when the house is quiet after the children have gone to bed?

I knit. It could be hours, half an hour, or even a couple of minutes, because on that day I’m too tired for thousands of stitches, but I really enjoy doing it… I could say, as someone else said before me (the statement is not mine): my day is not complete without some knitting.

text and photos by Andreia of tricotaria


  1. You make it sounds so peaceful, but it is in fact your strenght and willingness that makes everything runs so smoothly, isn't it :)
    I love your work!

  2. Thank you Sofia!
    It's up to us: we can always look at the bright side of things and underline the positive :)

  3. Great post! Nice schedul for a wonderful day! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love this feature! Enjoy your lovely days, Andreia!

  5. that's a beautiful environment you live in Andreia!




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