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by Ana Bossa aka Murtiga
It was not an easy choice... more or less compulsory within such a reduced selection in a universe so vast .
Forgive me for not fit in here all the others...

Joana Rosa Bragança

All the illustrations from Joana Rosa Bragança are delightful, can't wait to admire this fanzine.

"MY HAIR" a zine for children by JOANA ROSA BRAGANÇA
"MY HAIR" is a zine for children drawn by JOANA ROSA BRAGANÇA
Mosgos is a place of ​​fascination, where every detail makes the right difference.


I admire the wonderful activity from ARMINHO... Congratulations!

Daniel Moreira

The preambles of a hilly dizzying imagination, inside Daniel Moreira's work.

"the leaf man" print of an original illustration by DANIEL MOREIRA
"the leaf man" 8x11 inch ( A4) print of an original illustration by DANIEL MOREIRA
All photos credits are of the artists.


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