My Day - Little Creatures

by Inês Fonseca aka Little Creatures

My day usually starts between 7:30 and 8:30. I like to start the day early so that I can make the most of it. After the shower I always have breakfast, usually a good bowl of warm porridge with a cup of Earl Grey tea. 

My breakfast, a bowl of porridge with a spoon of honey from my grandmother’s bees
Since I divide my time between the Little Creatures and my work as an archivist at the Special Collections of the University, my routine changes through the week.

In the days I work full time for the Little Creatures my work varies a lot: I usually check the shop and the e-mail right after breakfast so that I can reply to any queries or orders. If I have orders, I prepare them and take them to the post office early in the morning. I try to programme most of the “desk” work (accounts, writing, photographing,...) to fit into about 2 days in the week. In those days I prefer to work in the university library, where it is quiet and I can watch the sea and the beach to rest the eyes.

Usually I reserve two days a week to work in “my studio”, which is a nice lit countertop in my kitchen. I can be quite messy but at the end of the day (sometimes very late as I tend to lose the sense of time) I always try to leave everything tidy and organized.

My “studio” in one of the kitchen’s countertop
When I work at the Special Collections I always take the Lade Brae Walk, a walking path that goes all through the town. During the 15 minutes I take to get there I always have time to look at the flowers and I often spot garden birds chirruping along the way.

The Lade Brae Walk full of delightful details and chirruping birds
Except for the days that I am working with polymer clay, I like to read a little at the end of the day.

Tex and photos by Inês Fonseca aka Little Creatures


  1. Loved it!
    What an wonderful walk!
    Thanks for sharing with me a little bit of your life :)

  2. Thank you Ana! I do consider myself to be very lucky for doing the things I love in such a beautiful place.




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