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Turquoise Ring, fashion jewelry ceramic by azulado
Turquoise Ring, fashion jewelry ceramic by azulado
This is a tough one.
Sometimes I don't know how to start something like this.

A few days before Christmas a member of our team, Sandra Rosa aka azulado, lost her husband after a long and hard battle against cancer. What got to me immediately was the thought that she also has a small child, who has lost his father at such a young age. She is now the one person responsible for his future, but most of all for his present.

This may seem a story like so many others you've heard before, but as many times as we hear this, it does not lose its impact.

This is a personal tragedy but a personal tragedy can also soon become a financial one. We live in a country where we may hear this too many times to count. Portugal is not a country that is now in very good shape, but this time our help can make the difference.

Sandra is part of our team and also of the EST team (European Street Team) on Etsy and that is what has brought us to this post.

We want and we can help Sandra and her young son. The EST is organizing a raffle to collect money. There are more than 50 prizes that can be won, all of them donated by the team members. All proceedings of the raffle will go towards helping Sandra in this difficult time.
Buy as many as you can, the more tickets you buy the more Sandra will get help.

For more information and for buying the raffles please go to Star of the East's blog:

If you don't want to buy a raffle you can always buy one of the beautiful pieces of ceramic that Sandra does so well. Her shop is here:
We thank you in advance.


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