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By SofiAlgarvia

My working day starts early, around 6:00h!
I get time to wake up before anyone else at home, take care of myself, put some clothes to wash, make the family's breakfast and some afternoon snacks that the kids take along to school. 

Before I leave home to work, I sneak on the computer to say good morning to my Facebook Page fans.
I like the social part of my part-time small business, I always find it very amusing to keep in touch with everyone who comes and leaves a word, a smile, or a Like at my photos or posts.

After a 10 minute ride from home, and some lecture on good behavior, learn your lessons and have fun talks with them, I drop my kids at school near my office and enter the banking world on my full-time job.
It is not a 9-to-5 job, so my working day usually ends really late!

On my lunch break, I find some time to take my parcels to the post office, and always pick my needles and yarn to knit a bit more.

Then comes the working after hours, time to get home, see the kids, have dinner with family. Usually my husband takes control of the kitchen, and one of the kids will help him, while I sit at the computer, answer some customers requests, write on my blog and visit other friends blogs too.

But there is still time to watch TV together.
They all like to watch Portuguese series after dinner, so lately, due to some requests for knitted hodie-cowls, I grab my yarn and needles and knit next to them.
I'm so happy that I've decided to knit more this Autumn and Winter because it's a way of being closer to my family, while working.

When it's sewing time I leave them and go to my kitchen, where my 'so-called-studio' is, putting fabrics together and making bags, clutches  purses or scented hearts coming to life. I make two kinds of items - custom requests for the usual or new customers; or new items just because I felt like it. These last ones are then photographed on a sunny weekend and listed at my etsy shop to be bought by some lucky fellow :)

Before getting to bed I prepare my parcels for shipping on the day after.

I'm often asked to explain how I can manage to do so many things!
I always answer: every minute counts, and where there's a will, there's a way... (and I have a great hubbie too!)

Text and photos by SofiAlgarvia


  1. :) Love it! Simply the way that all of us should make our days! Big kisses

  2. What a fun and hectic day! :D
    Loved reading about it, thank you!

  3. you're a type of super woman Sofia! (:




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