In my studio - Trincar Uvas

Hello there and welcome to Trincar Uvas studio! 

I share this space with my boyfriend's screen printing paraphernalia (at the moment still in boxes) and this is also our bedroom - the bed is tucked away in another corner. We just moved so pardon our mess!

When we saw this house for the first time we fell in love right away and once we saw the attic my first words were: ''My table goes under that window!!''.

I am quite messy and my threads are often all around the house but just for this shoot I tidy up a bit.

The postcards I stuck on the window come from a big collection I've been building since my teenage years. I like to change them from time to time - they are not so much for inspiration but they just make me feel like home and bring back good memories. 

Our studio is still a work in progress but from the beginning it felt like a match. Now countless days and nights of work are to come - yay to that!

Text and photos by Joana Pedroso aka Trincar Uvas


  1. Well, I'm envious of that big window! :)
    What can I say... Lovely.

  2. Absolutamente maravilhada. O engraçado é que o meu atelier também é o nosso quarto no sótão. Tens uma belíssima vista.

  3. Uau!! Gosto tanto dos ateliers do pessoal. Eu agora tenho um "brand new" :D
    Fiquei maravilhada com o vosso ❤
    Votos de trabalhos maravilhosos nesse sítio!!

  4. Wonderful and cozy space! I had a studio in an attic once, it was great. Warm, spacious and no neighbors on top, yay!

  5. Adorei, a caixa com as linhas parece uma caixa para pintar...é linda!

  6. If I were to visit your current studio, I’d probably fall in love with the attic window too! I like the way it gives natural light to the entire area. You don't need to turn the lights on during the day because you already have a clear and bright setting there. Putting the table under the window was the best idea you had, by the way. I know that you're more inspired to do your work because you get to see the wonderful view outside. You don't have to get busy with your craft the whole day because you can relax just by the window from time to time.

    Josie Moretti @ North West Exteriors




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