Do you want to make a... Jewelry support for your wardrobe?

Jewelry support for your wardrobe by Telma Mota

by Telma Mota

You are passionate for jewelry, have saved hundreds of pieces in boxes and boxes until you forget what you have?
It's hard to find the pair that match with that earring you wanted to use or end up with crumpled and spoiled pieces?
Or have you simply have no place to store so many pieces?

A jewelry support for your wardrobe can be a good solution. Moreover it is easy to make and very economical.

All you need is:
- Semi hard card
- Fabric (you can use an old sheet)
- Hot glue
- scissors
- Satin ribbon
- Lace ribbon (you can buy in a store or crocheted one as mine)
- Plastic hooks for curtains
- 4 screws with eyelet
- stapler
- staples

Jewelry support for your wardrobe - What you need - by Telma Mota

1 - cut the card as desired (preferably leaving a margin of 5 cm/1,97in of door wardrobe)

2 - line the card with the tissue and staple the back all the way around to stay taut

3 - Pass the satin ribbon through the holes of lace ribbon to take one ribbon and glue with hot glue on the card (note the size of your pieces of jewelry, you can put some more strips together for earrings and pins and other more remote to the necklaces)

4 - drill 4 holes in the 4 corners of the card and on each target a satin ribbon with 15cm/5,91in

5 - put on the door of the wardrobe tying the ribbons on the rings screws.

Jewelry support for your wardrobe - hanging on wardrobe - by Telma Mota

You can hang the earrings in the holes directly in the lace, as well as necklaces and pins or use plastic hooks to hang the necklaces to be easier to use.

Jewelry support for your wardrobe - detail - by Telma Mota

This way you will have your pieces of jewelry always tidy, organized and in sight, in perfect condition and ready to use.

Jewelry support for your wardrobe  - finished - by Telma Mota

You can find Telma's Jewelry at her Etsy shop.
You can also find her at her facebook page or at her blog.

All photos by Telma Mota.




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