Roaming through: Pico Island

Pico island has always been a synonym of unknown for me. Somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, holding the highest mountain of the Portuguese territory - everyone speaks about the mood of the mountain every morning, and you might hear someone speaking about it during the day - everyone knows the mountain personally...

Living in Pico during the ages depended on the ocean, and especially on the whale hunting. The whales every once in a while pass in between Pico and São Jorge islands. Unfortunately, I didn't have an opportunity to see the whales, however I went to the sea for accompanying the sailing race, based on the sailing techniques used for whale hunting. Happily they are not hunted anymore!

Women are really great sailors in Pico island! This lady is a captain of women team. And they won the race!

Going up to the mountains, closer to Pico peak is unforgettable - closiness to the clouds, stronger colours, lots of hortensia bushes, shepherds, cows and sheep...

And sometimes it really feels like in the end of the world..

But then you discover there are still sheep and cows.. and birds!

And still ... the best thing one can do is take a bath in open Atlantic waters, that are much more blue than anywhere in Portugal..

Then go back to the town, where a São Roque party is about to start!

All in all: Pico is a wild island and it is a spectacular destination for seeing nature. Go for it! Inspiring journey ahead!


Pico island has been roamed through and photographed by Egle Bazaraite, aka MOSGOS .
Photos by Egle Bazaraite.


  1. What inspiring images.
    We just want to go there and see all this beauty up close.

    1. muito obrigada Ana! Pico is a fascinating place. I am sure you will adore it!

  2. What an Eden Garden :)
    I only know S.Miguel'island and I love it!

  3. Beautiful pics! Great place! Thanks.

  4. So beautiful!! Virtue not only of the place... The photographer is great too.

  5. thank you, dears!! it's good to share the moments of this trip with you - it was an opportunity to travel back to me (: one of the most interesting and the wildest places in Portugal.

  6. It looks like we did exactly the same trip!!

    Great! I love Açores!!




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