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Saint Salvator's Quad
Saint Salvator's Quad is the main university quad and it is surrounded by some of the several spectacular buildings that belong to the university.

By Inês Fonseca aka The Little Creatures

St Andrews is located in the east coast of Scotland facing the North Sea. Its origins go back at least to the 8th century which makes it a town full of history, ancient buildings and the remains of a castle and a huge cathedral. Sometimes it does feel like I am time travelling especially in drizzly days (it wouldn't be Scotland if it didn't rain...). 

St Andrews is best known by its 600 years old university and also as the “Home of Golf”. And if you’re not into history or fancy sports you can simply watch the local landscapes and wildlife for hours.

My Typical Outfit - Raincoat
The Ancient and Royal Club
The Ancient and Royal Club is one of the oldest's golf clubs and the one that sets the rules of the game (and on Sundays everyone can play).

Owl door knob
Owl door knob
One of the many little details that make this town so delightful to walk on.

The pier
Facing southeast, is a great spot to watch the sea birds that populate the local coast and to get a good feel of the north sea. On Sundays it becomes the scenery of the traditional walk on the pier by students wearing their red robes.

St Andrews West Sands
St Andrews West Sands
The scenario of the opening scene of the film Chariots of Fire is not just great to run but also for long walks along its almost 3 km of extension

All photos by Inês Fonseca of The Little Creatures.


  1. Beautiful place, despite the rain almost everyday...

  2. it was a nice eye travel for me this morning! thank you Inês!!

  3. It is indeed a lovely place... a little more sun with some Mediterranean food and it would be perfect!

  4. Thanks for the nice trip through Scotland :)




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