Today we love... Green Leaves

Today we love... Green Leaves by Joana Pedroso of Trincar Uvas

1. Butterfly collar by Tricotaria; 2. Silver pendant by Mrs. Pepper; 3. Original drawing by Daniel Moreira; 4. Vintage scarf by Cake Number 9; 5. Photo print by Mundo Flo; 6. Upcycled linden leave and seed by Western Art Glass; 7. Ceramic leaves by Ravenhill Pottery.

Picked by Joana Pedroso aka Trincar Uvas.


  1. that's just so oh so lovely! refreshing picks Joana!!

  2. So beautiful Joana! Thank you for including my photo :)

  3. I love green too, actually it is one of my favourite colors. Nice composition Joana and I'm so happy to be included. Thanks!

  4. The blog couldn't be better!
    Love your green picks! And thank you for including my scarf :)

  5. Awesome and refreshing collection! Love it!




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