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I feel lucky to say my days are mostly different from each other. I work two or three days as a paper restorer in the Dutch National Archive and the rest of my days I spend on Trincar Uvas. 

On the days I go to the Archive, I wake up and bike to the station where I take a train that takes me to the Hague. The ride takes about 35 minutes and I usually spend it looking outside of the window - it's a beautiful ride and in the spring, for about two months, half of the way is covered in tulips and daffodils - now that's a train view!

I must confess that the days I devote to Trincar Uvas are my favorite. Making new pieces is just a small part of the work - I spend a lot of time taking photos and tweaking them on the computer, making all the packaging and business cards, going to the post office, delivering new items to shops and so on - there is always something to be done!

Like most Etsy sellers, I spend quite a big amount of time on Etsy: making treasuries; being active on the teams I am a part of; and my favorite part: being in contact with customers - answering their questions and creating custom orders.

But my days are not just about work! I don't have a big garden anymore, but I brought with me to the new house some of my plants that I love so much. Lately I've been keeping an eye on the tulips that are starting to sprout!

And last but not least, the best days always end up curled up on the couch, cuddling and watching movies with my boyfriend. 

Text and photos by Joana Pedroso aka Trincar Uvas


  1. hihi! such a beautiful lightness of being!
    thank you for sharing the magic of tulip sprouts!




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