Do you want to make a... wheat and lavender warm bag?

by Rute, aka A Pega-Rabuda

This is one of the simpliest projects, well suitable for those who are starting to sew. A great idea to take home or to offer: wheat and lavender warmer bags. Simple as that.
The filling may be wheat or other seed or even fruit lumps, such as cherries. Choose the scent based on the principles of aromatherapy.

- Two fabric scraps with 25 X 15 cm
- Board and circular cutter
- Machine, sewing thread, needle
- Iron
- Chopstick
- Wheat (for each bag, some 400/500 grs)
- Lavender (for each bag, two to three tablespoons)

Start by cutting two rectangles of prewashed fabric, the measures listed above. You can do this using the rottary cutter, or marking the fabric and cutting it by hand.

Measure the fabric in half, and add a pencil mark of 5 cm from each end. You will left a hole that will later serve to turn and fill the bag.

Pin the two fabrics, right sides. Place the needle in one marking and start sewing from there, minding to take three points back so the seam does not open. Use the tabs of the sewing foot to sew straight.

About an inch from the edge, and with the needle stuck in the fabric, raise the presser foot of the sewing machine and turn the fabric to the other side.

Continue stitching, following the same procedure in each corner. Finish your stitching at the other marking, leaving a hole between the markings, and make just three points behind to hold the seams.

With zig zag scissor - or any other you may have at hand - cut your sewing and corners, along the seams, leaving 0.5 cm, being careful not to open the seam.

Turn the fabric right side, tucking a finger and picking up one of the corners carefully.

With a skewer stick, or a pencil, straighten the corners. Be careful not to pierce the fabric.

Iron it.

Seeds of wheat, lavender and a mini funnel (this last one expendable, if one is patient enough to fill the bag with a tea spoon).

Fill the bag only halfway so that it can mold to the body. Add the lavender. Sew the hole where the seeds stuck with invisible point. (If you need help, please contact me, but don't don't worry, for there are plenty of tutorials on the web that teach you sewing by hand.)

And it's done! Congratulations!

Just print the instructions and the therapeutic indications, and make a nice and beautiful the package.

It is a unique and valuable offer, both for adults and children, replacing those impersonal hot water bottles and ice packs one usually find at supermarkets.


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