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My day starts when my two sons decide to wake up. As it is always at the same time I don’t even turn on my alarm. As we live in a house with garden, after giving them breakfast, I usually have a cup of coffee sitting on the porch. I like to feel the chill of the morning in my face. It awakens my senses.

It is usually the father who drives the babies to school. When I say goodbye to them at the gate, then yes, my workday as crafter begins. But first: breakfast. I make a toast, a cup of cold milk, or fresh orange juice from our trees, and I sit in our little kitchen to plan the day. At that moment the silence invades the home, I also take the opportunity to read the papers, see the emails and answer questions submitted by customers and suppliers.
I’m a “morning worker”, so I try to do as much as possible during these time when I’m feeling a burst of energy and creativity.

My studio is in the attic. It's good in summer but in winter it is very cold, so when I'm working I need a blanket in my legs to feel comfortable.
I love this workspace. It has light and space.
I tend to be pretty disorganized when I start a piece. But when I end something, I need to tide everything. I only feel the willingness to start a new project when everything is organized.
In between, I take another coffee with my husband, who is also a scriptwriter and works from home. We talk about the news, about work, about the children and what we're having for dinner. Working from home requires a lot of discipline. It is easy to mix work with domestic affairs, and sometimes I find myself hanging clothes on the rope between a sticht.
At lunchtime, I usually answer emails. I publish some pictures on my blog and on my Facebook page. That helps me to feel that I’m not alone, and at the same time, to hear from people who like what I do. 

On sunny days, I try to take a walk on the beach. It is, for me, a privilege of living near Arrábida.

In the afternoon, I continue to work and organize orders shipments. Just before the boys arrive from school, I do a bit of housekeeping and light the fireplace to be more warm when the little ones arrive.

I try to organize myself for not working after 18h, but usually after dinner and when the house is silent again, with my cat on my legs, and the by the fireplace, I answer some emails, read my favourite blogs, write, or look to online fabric shops. One of my worst vices.

I am very grateful with what I have and about my life.

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