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Five years ago I moved from Portugal to the Netherlands and soon after I created Trincar Uvas as a place to share my new ''world'' with friends and family back home. I first started posting very shyly but with time I opened up and found my own way of keeping a public blog. Later on, I started creating jewelry and adopted the same name.

I use my blog as something in between a scrapbook and a diary. I like to fill with little photographic stories (sometimes, if i'm inspired, they get a bit surreal), I also love to share my love for poetry and from time to time, if i'm feeling brave, my own poetry. I guess I talk a lot about my backyard and the flowers and vegetables that grow in it. I also started to write more about the process behind the making of my jewelry: supply hunting, new techniques, inspiration and so on.

My blog has changed houses, languages and graphics many times; I've been more or less committed to it through these last 5 years, but unintentionally it has became a part of my life, may it continue!


  1. Beautiful photographs, blog and work!
    I'm a fan and a follower :)




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