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by Sara Aires

This is always a tough task ... but there are names that I follow for a long time, for example:


kjoo - Statement textile studs
kjoo - Statement textile studs

Pirilampo Riscado

Pirilampo Riscado
Pirilampo Riscado
fricdementol - Brian's Symphony - The Mandolin Player
fricdementol - Brian's Symphony - The Mandolin Player
more recently:
mosgos - Double Knitted Mittens
mosgos - Double Knitted Mittens


murtiga - Mouse . Handmade Stoneware Sculpture
murtiga - Mouse . Handmade Stoneware Sculpture

trincar uvas

trincaruvas - Rope necklace multicolor
trincaruvas - Rope necklace multicolor


arminho - TRIBAL SAND - notebook
arminho - TRIBAL SAND - notebook

Susana Tavares - You are amazing - art mixed media Print
Susana Tavares - You are amazing - art mixed media Print
All photos credits are of the artists.




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