In my studio - Telma Mota

My name is Telma and I’m the mind and hands behind the brand Telma Mota atelier. I‘m a  jewelry designer-maker  and today I invite you to meet my studio. Be welcome!

My studio is a room in my house that was used as a leisure room  but it was hardly used and was eventually transformed into my studio. It is big and roomy and work to make it a more comfortable and warm is greater. Yet I like to change the layout of the furniture and decor from time to time.

One wall is filled by a large shelf where I keep all my books (I have lots of books), magazines, boxes of materials and some memories that I'm collecting over time.

The work table occupies the central part. It's big and I can have the tools I use most on hand, for  this I use a tray and several  glass jars where I keep all the tools in an organized way.

On the wall in front of my desk is the inspiration wall, where I hung some drawings, reproductions and works of other artists I admire and where fits always one more.
I hope you enjoyed.

You can find Telma's Jewelry at her Etsy shop.
You can also find her at her facebook page or at her blog.

Text and photos by Telma Mota.


  1. I love those personalized jars and ikea wooden box!
    And it's a pleasure to see a print of my "the hands" series hanging in your inspiration wall :)

    1. Thanks Ana
      Your "hands" are very inspiring to me :)




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