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Hello everyone!
Every month we will bring you a new featured member of our team.
During the month, every Monday, you will get to know them better, enjoy their work and work place and see what artists and crafters they admire!

Shall we start?

This month we bring you a fiber artist by the name of Sara Aires and her shop Sara Aires.

Regia Statement Necklace by Sara Aires
Regia Statement Necklace by Sara Aires

Name: Sara Aires
Etsy shop:
Facebook: saraaires

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I live in Leiria, a small town 120km from Lisbon, near the sea, with my man and my dog. I love art and nature and hate obliggations or routines. Generally speaking, I guess these ideas lead my life and my art. I’m engaged to be married next year, which right now is quite thrilling, so please bare with me!

Sara Aires

How and when was this creative passion born?
I actually don’t remember not needing to create things, I only know it grows stronger everyday, and I just wish I can do it till my end.

Did you study for it or for something completely different?
I have a degree in Sculpture, but I try to develop and learn new techniques and ideas constantly.Its always a challenge to try to master a different language/ tool.

Is this your fulltime job or do you have another job?
No,this is my hobby, but I take it as a job. I work on a very different business in an office.

How did this project started?
The project started as a blog, called “Um Quarto de Ideias” - A room of Ideas, and from exhibiting and talking about crafts, to actually sell them online, it was a small step. But the main reason is because this fulfills my creative needs, whereas my regular job rather does the exact opposite.

What inspires you?
People find it awkward when I answer: colour! But I really am triggered by colour combos and textures. Those might be in natural objects, or animals, or landscapes, as well as man made things, artworks, incidental compositions and contrasts. I’m a hungry observer and very fond of details.

How do you choose your materials? And where do you find them?
I’m very moody, and that translates to my creative process. I enjoy working at my current whim, letting my humour pick my colour, texture, tools...Fibers are my favourite materials, not only for colour but also for their plasticity.

Could you share a typical work day?
Working on an office doesn’t leave much time for yourself, but I try to balance everything. I wake up at 8.00am eat breakfast whilst checking email/etsy/facebook, sometimes go out for a 10min run, bath and off to work. I have a 1hour lunch break, which I use to multitasking: eat, do some chores, and sometimes take pictures of my work. Then back to office until 19.00 or 20.00pm... finally at home I make dinner, or walk the dog with my boyfriend. Then, after we eat, usually we watch one of our fave series (Downton Abbey, Boardwalk Empire, Dexter, A very modern family, etc.) as I knit/ crochet until my eyelids drop...

What is your favorite part of your work and work tool? Why?
I like the part when I choose new colours, the thrill of seeing how they fit or not the purpose I imagined. The tools are always important, specially if they are good ergonomically. But what passionates me is the raw material, all that potential hidden there, waiting to be unravelled...

BUGALHO LACE Necklace by Sara Aires

Why did you open an Etsy shop?
In 2007 November, it was suggested to me by foreign customers who only contacted me through flickr and the blog.I felt so welcome in the community, and the constant development of all features is really uplifting. One is always encouraged to work more and more.

What do you thinks are the benefits of belonging to a team like the PTteam?
The main advantage is to actually know people with similar interests and will to make handmade awareness get to more and more people. Sustainability is a need, and handmade goods can have a major contribution because they allow people to value old skills, precious resources and independence from exploiting systems. Ptteam combines portuguese authors from several areas and promotes their work both nationally and worldwide.

What do you do to promote your work and shop?
Online I keep my blog, my flickr, facebook and ravelry, although I must admit facebook is the more easily active network. Outside the web, I try to take part in shows, craftfairs and exhibitions, I find them a great way of spreading the word about my art, and also a means of directly contact with buyers, see how they feel about my work.

What advice would you like to share with fellow artists or crafters?
The way I see it, there are no magical formulas. My motto is to keep experimenting, innovating and learning new skills, work, work work! When you think you’re satisfyed, beware! Take a coffeebreak and then just start all over again. You’ll be surprised with what was left undone.

What do you find most inspiring in the country you're from, Portugal?
Wow, tough one! I’d say... the sea, the beaches and fishermen’s attires; all the colours that are lit by our fabulous sun; the mountains and gorgeous forests, our flora and fauna; the music and folk art; the wine and of course the food. All these seem a mixed up mesh, but they actually take part in myself as construction of my own being.

Where do you see yourself and your project in 5 years?
I hate plans, the only thing I hope is to keep creating and learning. Maybe I want to be a mum, but thats another matter.

What would you take with you if your house was on fire?
Given that the boyfriend and the dog would be secure, then maybe pictures would be my treasure. I dread the day I forget my roots, I guess there is never solitude if knows one’s story and the faces that go along with it.

Quick fire questions. Your favorits:

Book: “Story of a seagull and the cat that taught her how to fly” - Luís Sepúlveda
Movie: “Out of Africa” - ahahah! I’m a hopeless romantic!
Music: (I hate to pick only one, I listen to all kinds o f music)... maybe “Libertango“- by Astor Piazolla
Artist: Frida Kahlo
Food: Chili
City: London
Country: Portugal

What did you think? Isn't her work gorgeous?

Next Monday we will continue with the "Member of the Month" series, with a gallery of her work, this time it will be something to color your world and make you happy just seeing it!


  1. I loved to get to know you better Sara! :)

  2. beautiful personalities behind the beautiful shops and interesting projects!
    thank you for presenting Sara Aires!!

  3. It was a real pleasure, thank you for the opportunity. :)*




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