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Clérigos Tower - Porto - Portugal by Ana Eugénio
Clérigos Tower - Porto - Portugal by Ana Eugénio 
Porto is a World Heritage Site since 1996.
This magnificent view could be modern or medieval.

The monumental Clérigos tower is 75,6 meters high, dominating the city. There are 225 steps to be climbed to reach the top of its six floors. This great structure has become the symbol of the city. The tall bell tower of Clérigos church, located at the back of the building, was only built between 1754 and 1763. The baroque decoration shows influence from the Roman Baroque, while the whole design was inspired by Tuscan bell towers.
Porto is the second largest city in Portugal and one of the major urban areas in Southern Europe. Its settlement dates back many centuries, when it was an outpost of the Roman Empire.

Porto is a city with History and many stories to be unfold.

Photo and text by Ana Eugénio.




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