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Hello, my name is Andreia and first of all,

I wish you a Very Merry Christmas and
a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

I shall present you today my studio, I mean, the places around my home where I work for my brands, so do you want to visit my working stations?

The attic is the main place, where I concentrate the fabrics and yarns, the craft books, the shipping materials and where I storage the pieces before they go to the post.

It’s also where I have the sewing machine and where I spend the majority of time, mainly when children are at home or while my little girl plays. Yes, this is a multipurpose room in the house, shared by the whole family and a friendly way to work having children around.

When I’m knitting, my working station is everywhere. I only have to pick the basket with the project I’m working on.

The third working station is the computer, where I try to work wisely and efficiently, because selling online can be an enterprise itself. I also love the time I spend online, no matter if it is checking the email, answering to a new customer, listing a new work in the shop, updating my blog, reading and connecting with other creative and entrepreneur people around the globe.

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Thanks for being there!

Text and photos by tricotaria.




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