My Day - Mosgos

My day is always something new, since I am a person of several different activities.

First - let's coffee!! Usually I take my coffee with some coconut and rice milk that suddenly makes my morning brighter..

After I have to be quick to take photographs of newly made pieces for my knitwear lovers - usually I take more time then planned looking for the best angle and setting the light.

Then I take a look at my flowers, growing outside the window, looking at the street in Lisbon:

Then I rush to the post office with a package or two:

Well, but all in all - in the morning I am an architect, drawing and rendering places like this and going to constructions to talk to constructors - that's something I truly adore:

If the day is one of these great looking days, I go to photograph the new pieces of knitwear... Forests of Sintra are the best atmosphere for MOSGOS knits and bits..

Back home I do some knitting with tea...

We usually dinner at home, lately we cannot resist cooking this soup again and again...
See the recipe here:

Many days end up by going to a concert of my man.. This time in was a solo concert for three instruments - grand piano, harpsichord and organ.

Text and photos by Egle aka Mosgos


  1. It seems a perfect day!

    have a nice weekend Egle!

  2. What a wonderful day, Egle :)))
    Thanks for sharing it. Today just started feeling even more special, because of your post!
    Carpe Diem :)
    Nena M.




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