Member of the month - Nanouke - In my studio

by Ana Veríssimo

Hello everyone!
I’m so sorry to disappoint you, but I don’t have a studio. I have a box!

I keep it in the closet and I take it out whenever I need something to create.
It’s filled with beads, notions, wire, needles, and other cool stuff.

In the blue bag you see in the first photo I keep the stuff I use the most, and that’s the bag I carry with me when I go to work, whenever I travel (my craft is mobile, lucky me!).

The main tools I keep in there are the essentials for wire knitting:

  • Round nose pliers
  • Flat nose pliers
  • Cut pliers (not on the photo, but I use them, or sometimes an old scissors – don’t use a new scissors because you’ll ruin it!)
  • Wire threads – 0,31 mm and 0,20 mm, the two gauges I use the most. If you use a thicker gauge than 0,31 mm you’ll ruin your hands and wrists, a finer thread than 0,20 mm will break easily and it will be hard to maintain your patience!
  • Knitting Needles - any size, really. For me, the best materials for knitting with wire are the wooden ones, since the metal ones can be slippery and the wire rubbing on metal makes me chill *squeeeeeeeeeeek*, but you can use them. I use DPN’s because they’re smaller and easier to carry, but you can use whatever type of needles you like the best.

So, these are the fundamentals for wire knitting!
Now you can cast on, as you usually do for every knitting project and knit as you go.

After you’re done, you cast off as usually (I use the k2tog cast off) and the kniited wire is ready for shaping, molding, wrapping, whatever you want!

Go and try it out!

Happy week everybody!

Text and photos by Ana Veríssimo aka Nanouke.


  1. I love your "studio", it's so portable!

  2. I love your "studio"! :)
    I wish mine could fit in a box! I would be much tidier. :P




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