Member of the Month - Nanouke - Gallery of work

This week in the "Member of the month" series we bring you a gallery of colorful images and intricate knitted jewelry by Nanouke.
Every piece is unique, colorful and beautifully made.

Turquoise and Orange Tulip Ring by Nanouke
Dusty Pink Ring by Nanouke
More rings here.

Chartreuse Green with Big Pink Button Brooch by Nanouke
More brooches here.

White Beaded Necklace by Nanouke
Le Pink Mustache Necklace by Nanouke
More necklaces here.

Circular Dangle Earrings by Nanouke
More earrings here.

Beaded Bracelet in Green by Nanouke
More bracelets here.

See more of her work at her Etsy Shop, on her facebook page or on her blog.

Next week we will bring you a post of the series "In my studio" by Ana Veríssimo aka Nanouke.

All photos by Nanouke.


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