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'Flying high' by theflyingfleece

white blouse scoop neck

Vintage Glass Cuff Link...

Felt Cloud Necklace wit...

Vintage Leather Shoes G...

Le Bleu Mustache Brooch...

Daydreaming Pin Number ...

Plans Print

Blue Skies Ombré Skirt

Gold Snowflake Die Cuts...

Rain Cloud Stud Earring...

Field Notes Wallet, &qu...

25% Off Fluffy cloud p...

Celestial Dome - Vintag...

Antique Shades, Vintage...

pale blue modern wall c...

27 cm / 10,6 inches Blu...


  1. It's a beautiful list!
    Thank you for welcoming me as a member of the month!
    Happy New Year!

  2. Yay! so happy to be chosen! =) Thank you!




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