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Quiosque Vermelho - Praça Carlos Alberto - Porto by Ana Pina
Quiosque Vermelho - Praça Carlos Alberto - Porto
The Quiosque Vermelho (Red Kiosk) fills Carlos Alberto Square with color, in Porto, even in the more gray days.

Going downtown or walking back home I go through this square quite often. At one step of Clérigos, half way between Miguel Bombarda arts block and the animated night life area around Galeria de Paris street, it seems to me like a good starting point to get to know the surroundings. We have the Theater with the same name, old shops and ancient facades, recovered buildings and some in need of recovery… some nice coffee houses and even the weekly craft fair Mercado Porto Belo every Saturday.

Don't miss this place if you're coming over to visit Porto. I really love to live around here!

Text and photos by Ana Pina.




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