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My blog was created last year in August after I moved to Germany, I left Portugal four years ago, first moved to Spain and then Germany after being away for this time I felt a need to have a space where to share all my thoughts and my view of life. Also was important for me having a place where all my family and friends could see what I was doing and creating.

Parapluie was born one night in my head when I heard this French word! In that moment I knew that I had a name for my blog and shop, Parapluie is 100% original and handmade and there I share photos of travels , DIY, Crafts and all the things I love.

Through my blog I met amazing persons with similar likes and is always an adventure! Hope you like it!




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    Hello there!
    We are a team of Etsy sellers with Portugal in our hearts! Our members come from all around the world and our connection is Portugal. Be welcome!