Member of the month - Ana Pina - My Favorites

by Ana Pina

I have so many etsy favorites that the difficult part is to choose only a few!

After the selection made, I realized that most part of these are not only artists whose work I admire, but also good friends – that’s why the internet and the etsy community is such a wonderful place, don’t you think?

Some of my favorites include Portuguese artists like:

Adriana Oliveira aka Mundo Flo

For the delicacy of her beautiful photographs and bags.

Set of 4 photo postcards - The trees and the bird by Mundo Flo

Ana Raimundo aka fric de mentol

For her genuine characters and sense of humor.

Big Headed Women gocco print by Fric de Mentol

Aurea Praga

For the strong personality of her unique jewelry.

I Am The Land - Landscape One Ring by Aurea Praga

Daniel Moreira

For inspiring me every day when I look at his drawings upon my wall.

original Linoleum (limited edition) by Daniel Moreira

Joana Pedroso aka Trincar Uvas

For playing so beautifully with lines and colors.

Custom color ring- Geometric Ring by Trincar Uvas

Sara Aires

For being passionate and expressive and showing it so well on her work.

BUGALHO Crochet Necklace by Sara Aires
All photos credits are of the artists.


  1. It made me smile to know I'm among yous favorites, specially because it's reciprocal :)




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