Deliciousness - Pancakes for Carnaval!

When everyone's playing around dressed in funny costumes, I make pancakes. That is a Lithuanian tradition that I am completely in love! - on the Carnaval day you have to eat as crazy, then on ash day you don't eat meat and meals that contain milk...

But what about pancakes?

Try them!

First prepare the yeast. Take something like 20 g of yeast, put a teaspoon of sugar, two drops of water (two is enough!) and mix well. The yeast will become liquid. Then leave in some warm place until it grows 2-3 fingers up.


250 g of milk
2 eggs
some sugar, some salt (a bit more than usually)
250 g flour


Mix eggs with sugar and salt. Warm the milk - it does not need to be boiling hot. Put some flour, add some milk, some flour then some milk.. It must be quite liquid - lightly harder than dough for crepes.

After everthing's mixed, add the yeast (that had to grow something until now) and mix well. Then cover a bowl and leave the dough in the warm corner to grow. When you notice that it had grown quite something, start frying. Put some your preferred oil (I like to use coconut butter) and shape the pancakes. One spoon of dough is usually enough for one pancake.

Serve with some cherry jam.. or raspberry! Or mix some blueberry jam with créme fraiche.. Enjoy!

Recipe, text and photos by Egle aka Mosgos
Support and inspiration by Ana Bossa aka Murtiga


  1. They look awesome! And so cute and tiny!
    You must have a sweet little frying pan :)
    A must try!!!




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