Member of the month - Ana Pina - In my studio

by Ana Pina

I once took you for a tour around my studio, so today I’ll show you some work in progress photos! Curious?...
Those of you who already have some knowledge about jewelry techniques won’t discover nothing new… but maybe the others feel curious about the many phases a jewel goes through until reaching the final result. Here I show you some work in progress photos of a series of rings from my Linear Collection – which I hope to have in my shop soon!

It all starts with wire – of sterling silver in this case. After the process of melting and casting the silver alloy, I work the ingot until I get a squared section wire with the desired thickness. Then, I begin to work at the jewelry bench.

I begin to saw sections of wire with the previously studied lengths: some are used to the rings and therefore circular shaped in different sizes… the others are kept straight and then welded on the rings, giving life to a series of striking compositions of lines and circles.

After being carefully filed and sanded, the rings begin to look ready.

Then, I just have to wash them with a cleansing solution and brush them one by one, to give them a matte soft finish, which is my favorite.
Some of these rings are left in silver, while others are brightened with an enamel layer, to give them a special touch. These are ready to be enameled!

I choose my colors and carefully paint each ring with one stripe of enamel using a thin brush and leave them to dry 24 to 48 hours.
And these are ready!

This Linear Collection is a modern and versatile collection inspired by geometric linear relations, allowing different compositions of stackable rings with or without color.
As you can see, this is a quite complex process with several steps… I hope you enjoyed to know a bit more about it!

Text and photos by Ana Pina.




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