Deliciousness - Café do Monte in Lisbon

Imagine a beautiful Saturday. For me as a local in Lisbon (during the last 3 years), it would sound something like this:

- getting up early. On Saturday it means around 8 or 9 a.m. (supposedly a supper ended quite late on Friday), then hit the market for buying fresh fruit and vegetables, fantastic cheese from Azores islands, some olives from Alentejo, dry figs, maybe a fish or two, and of course of course - fresh bread from one Sir that always suggests buying some pasteis de nata. Let's take some of the latter ones as well..

- then leave all that at home and around 10 a.m. go up to Graça and down to Santa Clara to visit Feira da Ladra - best known Lisbon flea-market. Usually I don't buy a thing, but just strolling down and looking at old things make me somehow relax. I usually visit old furniture shop right there in pavillion - still furnishing my apartment, and well you never know what you might find there...

- after some 2 hours of walking, speaking to the old and new acquaintances, comes the time for slow lunch. There are few lovely places around Feira da Ladra, but this time I would go to Café do Monte - great salads, fantastic pies and inspiring atmosphere to spend there some time chatting, reading and day-dreaming. I leave you with a hit to the feeling of the place. Go check for more: Rua de São Gens 1, Graça, Lisboa.


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