My most treasured Portuguese handmade article - "Galo de Barcelos", The Portuguese Rooster ...

by Ana Almeida aka TANGRAMartworks

The crowing of the rooster announces the day. The night and shadow are associated with the evil, the sunrise represents the final victory of good over evil: the rooster is its herald!

This image brings us a legend of unknown times... A wrongly accused man, sentenced to death by hanging would have been miraculously saved by a rooster that crowed after death to prove the man's innocence. This miracle is celebrated by this popular figure, present in almost all traditional Portuguese homes.

"Galo de Barcelos" has become one of the most important and representative symbols of Portugal. We all recognize this clay figure and its traditional colors painted by hand; many tourists are attracted to it taking it back home as a souvenir...

This particular Rooster is more than 40 years old and I inherited it from my mother...

Text and photos by Ana Almeida aka TANGRAMartworks.


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