Roaming through... Góis

Góis is a very special place in the heart of Portugal. The villages, the people and nature are all filled with extraordinary dens. In the past few years there has been a huge effort to bring back old traditions and as well as new paths to explore nature in a sustainable way so it is a trip well worth.  

Aldeia da Cabreira

By a dam near the river Ceira you can find Aldeia da Cabreira, an abandoned village which has been restored and has a great water mill.

Walking along the Ceira presents you with striking reflections on the water.

The old rocks are filled with treasuries... little flowers, lichens, and some of them, like the Penedo de Góis can be climbed to offer an even more magnificent view of the landscape.

The “alminhas” (“Little Souls”) are small memorials to honour the dead. There is also a tradition that if you pass your hand in an “alminha” you will return to that place. As in so many other places in Portugal, Góis as a lot of them, so it good to keep the tradition alive.

A rustic window at Pena village.

Pena Village is one of the villages in the mountains that has been part of a restoration project, and currently is part of a great hiking trail.

A lovely entrance to a house at Aldeia da Pena.

Photos and text by Inês Fonseca, Little Creatures


  1. tantos banhos que ja' dei nesse rio Ceira! :))

  2. :D a familiar scenario to me! So full of green and xisto, a peaceful place!

  3. spectacular!! great post, inspiring to travel there! (:




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