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Weekly, I go by stores like "Antiga Drogaria" in Sintra...

Antiga Drograria
Antiga Drograria
... and "Tricot-Lãs" in Mafra...

... to see what's new and get inspired for new creations.

After having purchased the supplies, I put them on my desk and start the selection of the most appropriate colors and accessories.

Selection of fabrics

knitting needles and notions
Having chosen all the elements...

I start working with full commitment and passion, as these are characteristics of mine.

Sónia aka BERTH at work

Sónia aka BERTH at work
My creation is advancing and pride increases.

Finally, when the piece is finished I photograph it as best as I can, so as to do justice to its quality.

Photos by BERTH handmade.


  1. Good morning Sónia Berth :) Thanks for showing us your spots. I'd love to go to that drug store!




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