Meet the Members - Mrs. Pepper

Today we start with a member that has been referred to in another interview, Susana and her shop Mrs. Pepper.
Here you'll find beautiful jewelry and purses and much more. :)


Charm silver necklace with flowers by Mrs. Pepper
Charm silver necklace with flowers by Mrs. Pepper

 Name: Susana Duarte
Etsy shop:
Site -

Hello! Could you tell us a little about yourself?
I'm Susana, I’m from Lisbon, Portugal and I’m a graphic/web/jewelry designer and a passionate crafter.

Mrs. Pepper comes from my married name (pepper means pimenta in portuguese) and it's a symbol of who I am, it reflects our cool and funny family life outside the big city of Lisbon.

Susana aka Mrs. Pepper
Susana aka Mrs. Pepper

What made you choose this craft (art)?
I love tools and making stuff with my hands and I always wanted to make jewelry, I started in 2003 and I never stopped experimenting new ways, new designs and techniques.

All my jewelry is totally handmade using traditional techniques in sterling silver, copper, enamel and semi precious stones.
As for my designs I always try to keep it simple with both geometrical and organic shapes.

Kiss lock coin purse in Pink and orange by Mrs. Pepper
Kiss lock coin purse in Pink and orange by Mrs. Pepper

Why sell on Etsy?
Etsy is a good way to conquer the world, you can reach a far more big number of people, and the sense of community in Etsy is awesome, there are a lot of people that think like you, that love crafting instead of buying. For me crafting will be the revolution of our time and I want to be a part of it!

Mrs. Pepper studio
Mrs. Pepper studio

What do you find most inspiring?
I find inspirationin everything... in nature, in my daily life, my kids, the web... I think we are all sponges and think that our work is a sum of all our experiences, all you have to do is:

1) keep an open mind!
2) be willing to explore new ideas!
3) stop thinking you are not capable of doing something!

Bird silver enamel necklace by Mrs. Pepper
Bird silver enamel necklace by Mrs. Pepper

You were involved in the "Mentor Month" program on Etsy. What was the most important thing that you took from it?

Is great to interact with our mentees that gave us the great honor to have opinions on their brands, is also very good to have someone else’s fresh look on our brand as well, someone that looks with a buyer’s eye.

Mrs. Pepper Jewelry Tools
Mrs. Pepper Jewelry Tools

What do you like to do with your free time?
I work full time in a ad agency, so this is what I do with my free time, besides crafting, making jewelry, sewing, crocheting (and soon tricoting) I love baking, hang ou with my family and friends, see exhibitions in wonderful Lisbon and sometimes travel and meet new cultures and new crafts!

All photos by Susana Duarte aka Mrs. Pepper.

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  1. Susana was my menthor this month and I thank her very much for the support, and the patience for reading my long speeches!
    I love your work, Susana, it's so feminine and beautiful.
    I wish you the best Christmas season ever. :)

  2. Thanks Nena, you are so kind :-)

  3. Hi Susana! You was a great menthor and a wonderful friend :)
    Congrats for your beautiful work!

    Thanks for all :)




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