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Nutshell eco-friendly soy wax Autumnal Forest scented candles by Pavios & Parafina.
Nutshell eco-friendly soy wax Autumnal Forest scented candles by Pavios & Parafina
Name: Luísa Lavado
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Hello! Could you tell us a little about yourself?
Hello everyone, my name is Luísa Lavado and I am the crafts(wo)man and candlemaker behind Pavios & Parafina.
I am a cat lover that enjoys photography, reading, watching movies and swimming. I am also a science project manager.

Luísa Lavado aka Pavios & Parafina.
Luísa Lavado aka Pavios & Parafina
What made choose this craft?
Several years ago I bought a candle making kit for the fun of it and to make original Christmas gifts, then it became a hobby and I offered my creations to friends and family and finally it became an idea to create candles with new and unique (I hope and try) designs. For sometime I sold my candles to friends and acquaintances until a moment of unemployment lead me to open my shop on Etsy.

Why sell on Etsy?
I found Etsy through a photographer with a shop, after exploring it I though it was a great option to follow, back then there was no equivalent to an online market in Portugal. Although some changes have been implemented and even though I disagree with several of them I still think and believe that Etsy as a crafts handmade online market is the best option to show my wax creations internationally.

Halloween Candle Collection by Pavios & Parafina
Halloween Candle Collection by Pavios & Parafina
What do you find most inspiring?
Life, cinema and books. It may sound clichê and probably is but my inspiration has its roots on moments shared with family and friends, on the great story tellers also known as Cinema and Books, hence the Cinema & Book Collection.

You were involved in the "Mentor Month" program on Etsy. What was the most important thing that you took from it?
Schedule! I need an app to add hours to my days.
Now, on a more serious tone, the mentor month helped me a lot, now I have a better idea of the changes I need and want to make to my shop, the need of establishing a calender and smart goals for the months to come. To be realistic, after all I am a part-time seller, and ambitious enough.
I have to give my most profound thank you to Ana Ribeiro who not only helped me with my goals for the month(s) but also sent me lots of reading material and asked how my work and my evolution were going and gave me great advice.

Flame shaped cinnamon scented beeswax candle by Pavios & Parafina
Flame shaped cinnamon scented beeswax candle by Pavios & Parafina
What do you like to do with your free time?
If my budget allowed travel the world and photograph it, but on a smaller budget I love to relax while reading, watching a movie or a series, and to have fun by gathering family and friends around the table for a great meal!

All photos by Pavios & Parafina.

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