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ET - Sterlingsilver Pin by Risko Design
ET - Sterlingsilver Pin by Risko Design
Nome: Francisco Rocha
Etsy shop:

Hello! Could you tell us a little about yourself?

Hello, I'm Francisco Rocha. I'm 26 years old and I'm an Electrical Engineering and Computer Science student. I'm a person that likes a lot to think in various subjects, for it is by thinking and especially by thinking deeply that we arrive at insightful solutions that may improve not only our life in itself, but also relationships with others and our way of seeing the world. I desire above all things wisdom; loyalty and fidelity, I wear them like a necklace. In people around me I value kindness and goodness and all the good things that are done with sincerity and simplicity.

What made you choose this craft (art)?

It's not like I chose this craft; it's more like it was a little ability that I had, that developed along time by practice.

Original OOAK Illustration ink drawing by Risko Design
Original OOAK Illustration ink drawing by Risko Design

Why sell on Etsy?

Etsy is a marketplace with great growth and development; with great artwork, great opportunities and great reliability, therefore it is an artist's better first choice for selling his works internationally.

What do you find most inspiring?

The thing that I find most inspiring is the saturation of the mind, from which I withdraw great ideas and also from which I withdraw sense; although it may sound strange and also unnatural, I can assure that it is not. Like it is from the ground that we extract diamonds and from the soil that we extract gold, likewise, for me, it is from chaos that I extract order, and from confusion that I extract meaning.

Mens Cuff Links by Risko Design
Mens Cuff Links by Risko Design

You were involved in the "Mentor Month" program on Etsy. What was the most important thing that you took from it?

The most important thing that I took from “Mentor Month” program was the ideas and advice that I received from my Mentor which were of great importance for me, because they sharpened my awareness of peculiarities about selling on Etsy and also because they opened my eyes to stuff that I was not sensible to. That is why I'm very thankful to my Mentor, and her availability for helping me out.

Name a person you find inspiring and why?

A person I find inspiring, I may also say the most inspiring is Jesus Christ, because his way of living, and his love of others, which I read about in The Holy Bible, inspires me everyday to think better, do better and be better, towards myself, others and God.

Letter H Pendant by Risko Design
Letter H Pendant by Risko Design
All photos by Risko Design.

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