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We're back with one more interview of this series.
In this one you'll meet a felting crafter, a maker of wonderful tiny creatures, Annette and her shop Mirtilio.

Enjoy. :)

Moose Pair - Felt christmas decoration by Mirtilio
Moose Pair - Felt christmas decoration by Mirtilio
Name: Annette Reis
Etsy shop:

Hello, Could you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Annette, I am a German architect living in the Algarve with my husband and two little kids.
I have been always connected to crafts mainly everything to do with sculpting especially with clay or paper machée, lately discovering endless possibilities of felting wool.
I find fascinating what you can turn the raw fibers to just using an archaic technique that was found centuries ago. It gives a wonderful inspiring and relaxing contrast to our technical world and connects to disappearing nature.

Annette aka Mirtilio

What made you choose this craft?

I dont know anymore if I found the felting wool or if the felting wool found me.

My granny already told me how she used to have two sheep during war times and what wonderful things she did with the wool from fillings for their beds to yarns and how long they have last. She used to knit beautiful doll clothes, jumpers, blankets as well
My mum since early childhood has the need always to be wrapped in pure wool and actually she passed this on to me, though I have difficulties in Algarvian summers to do so.

I am still fascinated what you can do with this material just by using either a needle or water, soap and your own mere hands and can’t get enough to experiment.

Due to my family business at the moment I focus on soft sculptures mainly animals that are inspired by nature, as I can fit it best into my everyday life rhythm.

Probably my father has a big influence here, as he loved everything about nature and made beautiful animal studies, planted lots of trees and made us spend a lot of time in the forests.

Why sell on etsy?

Etsy is a great opportunity to reach people who like unique handmade items and to meet other artisans.

I am not only happy to have my own shop but also can’t stop being amazed with genius arts and crafts you find here.

Needle felted Mouse - Christmas ornament by Mirtilio
Needle felted Mouse - Christmas ornament by Mirtilio
What do you find most inspiring?

The material itself with its wonderful colors and haptic is the main inspiration. I like to feel it in my hands and then usually naturally evolves what is just in the air.

My children are as well a great inspiration with their enthusiasm and 1 to 1 view of the world, in such a honest wise and naive way.

It might be from my architectural studies but I am in love with lines and curves and shapes. I am convinced that there is some special mystery how they work together how they express themselves.

You were involved in the "Mentor Month" program on Etsy. What was the most important thing that you took from it?

Running an internet business is really serious and needs quite a variety of skills.

The mentor month was very helpful to understand and structure the necessary steps to manage your shop and especially to build up your own brand. Surely this is a continuous process that will stay for the next few months.

Finding a wonderful team spirit was a great experience too and as crafters are often just a team of two hands I think it is essentially important to connect and support each other.

Owl ornament by Mirtilio
Owl ornament by Mirtilio
What do you love to hear from your customers?

When I sell in fairs I can see the glance and happiness in children and adults eyes. Here in etsy we don’t have this direct feedback and I am always happy to know if my creations were giving a smile to its new owners and bring happiness to their homes as they bring to mine.

Hedgehog pin brooch by Mirtilio
Hedgehog pin brooch by Mirtilio
All photos by Annette Reis aka Mirtilio.

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  1. Hello Anette. It is really nice to meet you :)
    I found out in your interview that we have a lot in commun - art, sculpture, a love for working natural wool, great grandmas! :)
    Lots of happy sales for you on Etsy.*

  2. Hello Nena,

    thank you very much! your good wishes were effective today!

    Happy to meet you too! Wonderful community here and it is nice to share our interests. My granny is heading now 99years, unfortunately physically in not so good condition anymore but her mind is the same than ever.

    Many happy sales for you as well!




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