Featured Member - Trincar Uvas - In My Studio

by Joana Pedroso aka Trincar Uvas

Hi there and welcome to my studio (again!).

Trincar Uvas Studio

It’s been almost a year since I last showed you my workspace. Since then I moved my table to another corner of our attic and I am really happy with the new setting. It’s cozy and for the first time I have everything in one space.

Trincar Uvas Studio

Trincar Uvas Studio

I use this corner for everything! Not only to store materials and make new pieces but I also use the brick wall as a background to my photos. It’s great to have a nice big window close by, even on rainy days I manage to take one or two good shots.

Trincar Uvas Studio

Trincar Uvas Studio

But I also work outside of this space. After I decide which materials to use, sometimes I put everything on a tray and sit on the couch. I also put wheels on one of my drawer cabinets so I can easily move it around.

Trincar Uvas Studio

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my workspace. If you ever come to the Netherlands you’re welcome to come and visit!

Text and photos by Joana Pedroso aka Trincar Uvas


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