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'still saving for my van gogh' print by Alfamarama
'still saving for my van gogh' print by Alfamarama

Nome: Pedro Vieira
Etsy shop:

Hello! Could you tell us a little about yourself?

Hi my name is Pedro, I am an ex-architect and I have created Alfamarama about a year and a half ago. I am from Lisbon but I live in London most of the year so I try to keep my business running between both places. Sometimes I'm even successful. lol

Pedro Vieira aka Alfamarama
Pedro Vieira aka Alfamarama

What made you choose this craft (art)?

I was tired of working in architecture offices where everyone else makes the decisions for you. I wanted my own project, something to channel my creative self that would fulfill me and keep me excited!

Why sell on Etsy?

Etsy seemed the perfect place to sell my designs and, despite being a bit mischievous these days, I still think it was the best decision. Etsy is an open door to the craft world and much more than an online shop, as we all know so well in PTteam!

my new year's resolutions notebook by Alfamarama
my new year's resolutions notebook by Alfamarama

What do you find most inspiring?

I get inspired by daily life, anything from a walk somewhere to an exhibition or a chat with a friend can trigger a new idea. Sometimes nothing triggers them and they just happen. I always make them feel welcome. lol

You were involved in the "Mentor Month" program on Etsy. What was the most important thing that you took from it?

I loved helping my mentee Maria Filipe. I enjoyed giving something back after being on the receiving end so many times.
As for me as a mentee, well... I was rubbish. I was too busy last month so I am only now asking my mentor Ana Ribeiro for help. I truly believe that feedback from others is very important as you stop noticing things yourself after a while. I still have a massive list of things I need to work on in my shop but acknowledging the problem is half of the solution right!?! I will address that list until the end of the month.

Unique Happy Birthday Card by Alfamarama
Unique Happy Birthday Card by Alfamarama

Name a person you find inspiring and why?

I find our Ana Ribeiro truly inspiring. I keep thanking her over and over while wondering how can she do it? How can she help everybody, manage PTteam impeccably well and still find time to work on her Arte e Luar and have a personal life!? Ana's generosity is inspiring and shows how much you can achieve with passion and hard work. I am passionately grateful to her, as I believe you all are too! Thanks Ana !

All photos by Alfamarama.

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  1. Oh, you've made me cry.

    Lately it has been very difficult to keep things running and much has suffered, much has been left undone and my work has suffered.

    I sincerely believe that, as I made the commitment to manage the PTteam team, I have to do it as well as I can, sometimes with much help from others, sometimes with less, but I do not make the team, we all do.
    I have received feedback and recognition from the team, which makes me think that not all is lost. In a world where people are increasingly individualistic and with so many personal problems, it is good to realize that you can still be different.

    My sincere thanks Pedro.

  2. Oh...he was so sweet, Ana!!!!! You're the best, Pedro. Really, Ana must be out of this world to be doing all she does, so well. I only know another person who does it as well as she does, and that's my mommy :D

    Ana, you'll be the best mom if you chose to have children! They'll be screaming around the house - Oh Captain, my Captain! :D

    1. Oh Nena, this week was so special in this way. First I received a letter from a customer and then this interview by Pedro. It was sweet of him, you are right.

      And thank you also Nena, I'm sure I don't get even close to who your mother is. :)
      Oh Captain, my captain?! I do love Dead Poets Society, but I do not deserve that epithet. :)

  3. Dear Ana love the interview and Pedro work. Sending you a hug for all the beautiful work you do. Thank you!




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