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by Joana Pedroso aka Trincar Uvas

How difficult it is too choose between so many wonderful shops?!

Western Glass

Always loved the beautiful work of Brian Western, in particular the falling leaves made from repurposed wine and beer bottles.

Toino Abel

I urge you to and discover the story behind these wonderful baskets.

Traditional Portuguese Basket. Number 4. by Toino Abel
Traditional Portuguese Basket. Number 4. by Toino Abel

Portugal Pop

Portugal Pop gathers a great variety of vintage Portuguese products that remind me so much of my childhood.

Vintage Horse and Carriage Tin Toy 1970s by  Portugal Pop
Vintage Horse and Carriage Tin Toy 1970s by  Portugal Pop

Joana Rosa Braganca

Joana’s work always makes me smile - I love the quirkiness, the bright colors and the humour.

Portuguese Bathers // wine & guitar by  Joana Rosa Braganca
Portuguese Bathers // wine & guitar by  Joana Rosa Braganca

The Nature of Clay

I find incredible all the detail João manages capture in his door clay sculptures.

Typical portuguese Ceramic Door by  The Nature of Clay
Typical portuguese Ceramic Door by  The Nature of Clay

All photos credits are of the artists.


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