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Nuts for Paper

Because the books and the bookmarks are beautifully decorated and are excellent to note ideas that I have for my creations.

Trio of Patterned Notebooks by Nuts for Paper
Trio of Patterned Notebooks by Nuts for Paper


I love to tell stories and there’s no child who does not like to hear them, classic or contemporary tales, with monsters or princesses, dragons or hunters, all are a pleasure to hear.

Little Red Riding Hood Paper Finger Puppets by Pukaca
Little Red Riding Hood Paper Finger Puppets by Pukaca


Handmade soaps transform the bath into a moment of pleasure, by the gorgeous smell, softness and beauty they have.
I love the sardines, the swallows and the houses of Aveiro, traditional elements of our culture with a modern image.
I love the artistic representation of the four seasons and how nature appears in Ana’s work.

All photos credits are of the artists.


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