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We're back with the second interview of this series.
In this one you'll meet a crocheter, maker and designer of home accessories, Ana and her shop Looping Home.


Cosy crochet set - Nest and jar by Looping Home
Cosy crochet set - Nest and jar by Looping Home
Name: Ana Gonçalves
Etsy shop:

Hello! Could you tell us a little about yourself?

Hi, I'm Ana, I was born and raised in Porto, where I majored in Fine Arts and worked as a showroom decorator in renowned fashion stores.
In 2003 I decided to start a new life and moved to the countryside - Alentejo - where I currently live with my husband and two beautiful children. Here we plant our vegetables, have olive groves and ewes.
I am a very creative person and now I freelance as a decor and I dedicate my free time to the recent project Looping Home. I like Scandinavian style, the beauty of simple things, recycling, the diy concept, gardening... and crocheting.
I love traveling, discovering new places and people.

Ana aka Looping Home
Ana aka Looping Home

What made you choose this craft?

I learned to crochet at the age of 9, it was usual for mothers to teach their daughters how to knit, crochet and embroider... but I never imagined that crochet would be my work, my business. :)
I rediscovered crochet about 2 years ago, when I redecorated my home. I wanted custom accessories, rugs, pillows, baskets storage ... it was then that I restarted crocheting and I have never stopped since then.
I always had a dream of creating my own business and found that crochet was my opportunity to do things I like to do in decor.
I love to crochet, it's relaxing and exciting at the same time, building new shapes with loops and stitches.

Why sell on Etsy?

I had two shops, but since I learned more about Etsy I gave up the other shop, to dedicate myself exclusively to this shop.
Etsy is amazing, its not just an online store, its a community that mutually helps and that's really wonderful.
At Etsy we make friends, we help each other, we have tools and tips, initiatives that help us be more professional and to sell.
I'm always recommending Etsy to my artisan friends.

Looping Home work space
Looping Home work space

What do you find most inspiring?

I find inspiration in the world and people. I'm inspired by a magazine, a blog, a concept, such as a sunset, a conversation, a shape. The materials are also a source of inspiration, I love trying new techniques and it brings me a lot of ideas.
I try to be aware of trends and lifestyle to create modern pieces, satisfying the current needs of people.

You were involved in the "Mentor Month" program on Etsy. What was the most important thing that you took from it?

First, I want to thank my mentor, Susana Duarte, she was fantastic!
It's amazing the availability of people to help!
The mentor month was important to consider certain aspects that we undervalue, but that make all the difference. With this initiative I change the store name and Susana made me a beautiful banner :)
I learned a lot about Etsy and made many improvements. It was very good participating!

Big storage basket and rug by Looping Home
Big storage basket and rug by Looping Home

What do you love to hear from your customers?

I get so happy when they send messages of great satisfaction and joy. It's wonderful when I exceed expectations and they return to my shop.
I like when they ask for advice and suggestions, it's so good to help them make decisions and giving them ideas.

Looping Home stand at a crafts fair
Looping Home stand at a crafts fair

What would be the wildest professional proposal you could receive?
It would be amazing to have my pieces for sale in some decor stores that I love and identify with. It would be a great challenge and pride.

What keeps you motivated?

Believing in this project is a motivation for me. The quality of my work also makes me proud and makes me believe.
The support of my family and friends is an important factor to continue...

All photos by Ana Gonçalves aka Looping Home.

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  1. We didn't know Ana's work yet, but now we do! That's a great thing about these interviews!

  2. ; )
    Thanks to all ptteam! A special thanks to my Menthor Susana Duarte and Captain Ana Ribeiro for good work and dedication to the team!

    A great week for all

  3. Ana, I still "owe" you the avatar :-)

  4. : ) Susana,
    When you have time, now you have more to worry about - Christmas is upon us!

  5. I love the name Looping Home :) It's great to meet you Ana.
    Happy Christmas Season to your "new" shop!




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