Featured Member - Trincar Uvas - Gallery of Work

Today we bring you a gallery of inspired work by Trincar Uvas as part of the "Featured Member" series.

In here you will find her textile jewelry, with varied inspirations from tribal to geometric, always modern and always beautiful.
Every piece unique.

White Rope Necklace by Trincar Uvas
White Rope Necklace by Trincar Uvas
Modern Tribal Triangle Earrings by Trincar Uvas
Modern Tribal Triangle Earrings by Trincar Uvas
More Earrings by Trincar Uvas here.

byzantinum collection by Trincar Uvas
byzantinum collection by Trincar Uvas
Soft Bangle Wrapped in Ombre Cotton Thread by Trincar Uvas
Soft Bangle Wrapped in Ombre Cotton Thread by Trincar Uvas
More Bracelets by Trincar Uvas here.

Custom Color Geometric Spirograph Necklace by Trincar Uvas
Custom Color Geometric Spirograph Necklace by Trincar Uvas
Crescent Moon Pendant Wrapped in Cotton Thread by Trincar Uvas
Crescent Moon Pendant Wrapped in Cotton Thread by Trincar Uvas

More Necklaces by Trincar Uvas here.

See more of her work at Trincar Uvas Etsy Shop, on her facebook page or on her site & blog.

Next Monday we will bring you a post of the series "In my studio" by Joana Pedroso. Stay tunned for an inside look at Joana's work space.

All photos by Trincar Uvas.


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