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Handmade needle felted brooch Blonde Doll by The Fabulous Creations of Maria Filipe
Name: Maria Filipe Castro aka The Fabulous Creations of Maria Filipe

Hello! Could you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Maria Filipe Castro. I have a degree in Fine Arts – Sculpture.
I love colorful things, people with lots of sense of humour, singing Fado, watching old Hollywood films and musicals, playing with my nephews... hummm... and I couldn't imagine going trough life without doing what I love the most: create.

Maria Filipe aka The Fabulous Creations of Maria Filipe

What made you choose this craft (art)?

It began in college, in my last year I decided to make soft sculptures using fabric. Since then I'm always searching for new ways to transform textiles, a two dimensional material in three dimensional objects. My personal challenge became to transform the objects or images I adore into wearable sculptures.
Creating jewellery and accessories seemed a very interesting, challenging and amusing way to do it!

Why sell on Etsy?

Since I've left college there was one thing I've always wanted: having my own online shop! At the time it seemed to be an over complicated thing to until one day a friend of mine told me about this online marketplace called Etsy. So I've decided to give it a try. I've opened the shop in 2010 but only recently I have been able to work full time on my shop.I couldn't be more pleased with the experience. It's hard work but you have an opportunity to be included in one of the biggest online platform for makers. The fact, that the support team helps the sellers trough the hole process from presenting the products, publicizing it to finnally selling it. Made me choose Etsy to start selling online.

Needle and water felted Banana Bracelet by The Fabulous Creations of Maria Filipe

What do you find most inspiring?

Objects in general...I have a special attraction toward food in all materials and shapes, some people may even call it a mild obsession about it... but I also love children's toys, toy art, fashion, contemporary jewellery... My inspiration comes when my eyes for some reason get drawn to a certain object or a detail in it, that I feel the need to transform into wearable pieces adding my personal view.

You were involved in the "Mentor Month" program on Etsy. What was the most important thing that you took from it?

I've been part of the PTteam for a while, but I wasn't a very active one. I just didn't know how to start. The Mentor Month seemed the perfect opportunity to change that and to build a closer relationship with the other members and at the same time improve my seller skills. I must say that the result was very positive! Having as Mentor a more experienced seller giving me his personal opinion and advice was a great help. Thank you Pedro Vieira (Alfamarama) !!
The feeling that remains is that now I am part of a community of Portugal related sellers that share knowledge and want to help each other. Thank you PTteam!

Little Town Road Felted Bracelet by The Fabulous Creations of Maria Filipe

Name a person you find inspiring and why?

JC de Castelbajac, a french fashion designer. He makes me feel that I am not alone. He is always surprising in his approach to clothes or the accessories he presents in his collections. He designs pieces where he explores the Pop culture with its inherent imagery with lots of sense of humour, color, interesting forms and always in a very stylish way. A true visionaire!

All photos by Maria Filipe Castro aka The Fabulous Creations of Maria Filipe.

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  1. You are Fabulous Maria Filipe.
    You and your fantastic and detailed creations. :)




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